Posted by: rangerant | December 23, 2012

2012: A reflection

Well, the end of the world is apparently delayed until the next prophecy comes around again and, even though the year is nearly done, I would still cling onto it a while longer, to reflect and embrace the year that was.

It has been a wonderful, eventful year for me and I will not forget it. As my hard work to promote my writing continues, I can look back and say, that while I still have to work full-time, and, despite my best efforts, my second novel is not where it should be by this time, I can still say, without doubt, that I have enjoyed 2012.

The 27th May will forever remain in my heart and the few days that preceeded it. That wonderful week saw me get my first review from an established author (my first quotes to go on my sequel), I finally got an agent to take me on – to knock on the doors that were firmly shut to me, and, as if that was not wonderful enough, I proposed to my girlfriend at the top of the Welsh Mountain, Pen-y-Fan, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons.

The brightest, hottest day of the year so far, had left the mountain crawling with walkers, taking in the wondrous, breathtaking sights. My breath, however, was taken away by my rising fear, the nerves and the doubts that were flooding my mind. With the ring I had purchased, tucked safely away, I had to deal with my deep fear of heights, mingled with the antcipation of what was to come.

As things would transpire, I did make it to the summit, but with only my determination and the coaxing and love from my girlfriend, Amy. Reaching there, stunned by the panoramic views, as if pre-determined, all of a sudden all of the walkers disappeared and destiny granted me the solace and moment I had been waiting for. On one knee I said words that I cannot, to this day recall and, with her eyes brighter than the sun and her smile wider than the ridgeline, she said ‘yes.’

Amidst the tears of happiness, as we collapsed to the ground and hugged, kissed and held each other, a solitary buzzard glided around before us, closer than I have ever seen them before. Turning before us, it banked and glided away, as if nature was offering it’s congratulations. And then, as if destiny had held them back, the walkers appeared in their masses again.

I am still up on that mountain and our adventures since that time has been full of hapiness and laughter. My writing, still, has suffered for it. But, as the year slides into the next, the chapters slowly fall away as I reach the end of book two and 2013 will see the next installment of the Storm Trilogy venture forth into the literary arena and the imagination of its readers.

I want to finish by thanking everyone who has taken the time to support me, re-tweet me, like my posts, and most importantly, read my novel and let me know how much they have enjoyed it. Without you all, I would not be here and on this incredible journey.

Thank you all. Have a wonderful Christmas, see you next year for more adventures.


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